• 54- Pendant Number 54

    54- Pendant Number 54

    Green onyx and reticulated silver. 
  • 53- I don't know what I'm doing

    53- I don't know what I'm doing

    When I write these posts, half the time I have those memes (is what they are?) in my head about those recipe blogs that ramble on about nonsense with an eternal scroll of story before you get to the actual recipe. Ha! Don't worry, I don't have a story relating my summer in Tuscany to the faces on this cube of pyrite. I've never even been...
  • 52-Things Will Be Okay

    52-Things Will Be Okay

    Labradorite and sterling silver. The words "things will be okay" were stamped in a way that, if worn on a long enough chain, can be seen by its wearer.  I made this as a talisman of sorts. It's what I really needed to hear a few days ago. Things will be okay. It's funny how so much changes day to day, even when so...
  • 51- Truly One of a Kind

    51- Truly One of a Kind

    I really loved this piece when I started making it! I went through a "melting" phase some years ago, where I was having a lot of fun melting silver. I made plenty of little balled silver studs and cute little stacking rings with melted silver dots on top. I experimented a little with melting chain. It was fun.  I had this ring in my scraps-- basically a big melted...
  • 50- GOLD!

    50- GOLD!

    Fool's gold anyway. Pyrite is one of my favorites. I had completely forgotten until this post, but when I was in maybe 4th grade(?) we had "Student of the Week". Did your school have that? When it was our week, we'd bring in a table display worth of stuff about us on Monday and present it to the class on Friday. Basically, an intense Show & Tell. I...
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