30- Discarded Geode Ring


green geode pendant, sterling silver

In the vein of turning abandoned cast-offs into pendants, I finally made my 30th pendant out of a geode ring that I gave up on years ago. I made a (literal) handful of rings from some really beautiful Tabasco geodes a while back, but once they sold, I had some trouble sourcing more. I acquired some geodes from I don't remember where that were significantly less beautiful- not polished, nor sparkly, and I thought I'd try my hand at "sanding" them to what I hoped would be a shiny finish. It turns out, a lot more goes into rock polishing than I had the patience for. When I found this particular geode in a random plastic bin, it was a green pasty mess. Of course, I had set the geode in a fully finished ring before attempting to "polish" the stone, eventually giving up. Oh, silly impatient past self! 

Anyway, it's not super sparkly, but it's not a green pasty mess any more either! And it's been over a week since my last pendant?! That's a whole other tangent that I won't go on about, but I figured it was about time!

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