32- St. Patrick's Day


Today was day 2 of trying to "homeschool" my kid. We sat down together over the weekend and came up with a schedule to follow. He was pretty excited about having school at home, and he thought it was hilarious that Mommy would be his teacher. Yesterday was off to a pretty good start. That is, until we were just about done with our 20 minute Alphabet Walk and he insisted he was too tired to walk any further. Spoiler alert- he made it the last two blocks home!

When we got inside, however, he was still extra whiny and uncomfortable. It turned out he had a fever. (I promise we didn't touch anything except a stick (he loves sticks) on our walk, and we stayed far away from other people!) At that point, all bets were off, school-wise, and I honestly don't even remember what we did the rest of the afternoon. We all had an early bedtime, and this morning, his fever was gone!

Sterling silver knot with green stone

Today, I was admittedly less enthusiastic about this whole scheduled teaching thing. Teachers work hard! We managed to get though it though, and I even got in a little jewelry time during his "rest" time. I made a little Celtic knot inspired pendant with a green stone. (Not totally sure what it is because it came in a de-stash bag of miscellaneous jewels. I would guess some kind of chalcedony.)

Whew. What a strange time this is. 




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