36- Spinning Tops

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Apparently, kid's books were among the top selling items on Amazon as soon as we went into "hibernation". I find it oddly comforting to know that my panic purchases weren't unique. We really are all in this together. Luca and I have been picking an experiment from Awesome Science Experiments for Kids almost every day lately, and it's been pretty great. Luca loves science! And I like crafts, so it's been fun for both of us. We made spinning tops the other day that actually worked surprisingly well! The penny in a seltzer bottle top top spun the longest.
Luca spinning a handmade top
I wanted to see if I could make a spinning pendant top. It kind of worked, but I think the spindle needed to be a little longer. Also, I had planned to use an inverted 8mm cubic zirconia as the point to spin on, but, sadly, I think it ended up in the trash. I had the almost finished hollow-form pendant soaking in baking soda and water by the sink. I dropped the CZ in there too so I wouldn't lose it-- why I thought that was the best place for it, I don't know. Anyway, amidst the rush of dinner and dishes, I dumped the baking soda water out to rinse off the pendant and get it out of the way, completely forgetting about the CZ in there. I was getting Luca a glass of water before bed when I realized what I had done. 
sterling silver, brass, carnelian pendant
I put gloves on and looked through the trash for about 30 seconds before giving up. Luckily, I had this orange stone (carnelian?) in that glorious bag of de-stash stones from a while ago.  

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