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Oh goodness. How are you? Better than I am, I hope! Not to say that I'm not well, because I'm fine, but today was a rough one. I woke up to a text urgently asking me to call Mr. B (Luca's father). His car was broken into at some point last night, and he wanted me to check the garage and around the house for his wallet in case he had just misplaced it. He hadn't. 

Just last week, my mom was telling me about how her friend's truck was stolen out of their driveway while they were home. I took that as a warning, but suppressed the urge to tell Mr. B to be extra extra careful parking on the street. I'm already driving him crazy reminding him to wash his hands, etc. all the time. (His current quarantine project has been cleaning out the garage so he hasn't been parking in there lately.)

Anyway, after waking up to that news, my anxiety was on high alert. I was snapping at Luca way more than usual, he was yelling back at me, and overall, "school" was a big mess. 

Mr. B came home from work and started canceling cards, etc. Right after filing a police report, he noticed a stack of something in the planter by our front door-- the contents of his wallet! (Minus his work badge and cash, of course) It turns out, a parent of one of Luca's classmates found the cards by her garbage cans a block away from us, recognized his name, and dropped them off while he was at the police station.

sterling silver, concrete, and street sweeper pendant

After that was all sorted, I went down to clean my studio and finish this concrete pendant. It's sterling silver and concrete with an embedded street sweeper bristle fragment. The rust spread onto the concrete just how I'd hoped! Magic!

I used to collect these bristles years ago, but now when I see them, I don't pick them up because I don't want Luca to touch them :/ 

Ahh, tomorrow is another day. 

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