41 & 42- Citrine, Cleaning the Studio, and Previous Lives in New York.


large and small citrine pendants in sterling silver made by Sayo Granich-Lee for SARUSTAR jewelry

Ahh, finally back at it! I took some time to clean my studio, which begrudgingly led to other cleaning projects around the house, taking me away from metalworking for way longer that I had wanted. While it's not as organized and fully combed through as I had planned, I couldn't wait any longer. It's clean enough!

SARUSTAR jewelry studio space

I've moved or changed my workspace at least 7 times in the 14 years that I've lived in New York (WOW, FOURTEEN YEARS?!) and every time I do a deep clean/purge/re-organization, I end up in a mad dash to the end, hastily sweeping the "rest" into a box for later. As a result, I had so many little boxes of random things to go through. So many little bits and pieces. A lot of trash, but plenty of treasure. Exhausting, but it was like going through little time capsules from my previous lives, so also kinda fun. Full cleaning disclosure, I do have a current box or two of "everything else swept to the side until later" in the corner right now. Hopefully I'll get to it sooner than 2034. 

So, about the pendants. Going through a box from my time at Studio Jeweler's Ltd., I found a couple of interesting copper and brass scraps. I set them aside to work with for when the cleaning madness was done.

Brass and copper scraps

I thought about those scraps for a few days and had some ideas. I was eager to start. Finally, last night, I sat down to make something. I pulled out my stones for extra design inspiration and was drawn to this sunny piece of citrine. Citrine is my birthstone (November). I've never really liked it, but once upon a time, I was really excited about making big crystal rings so I have a bunch (of big crystals, not of citrine). Again, not super into the metaphysical properties of stones, but... maybe? Citrine is supposed to bring bright and uplifting energy and aid in manifesting abundance and prosperity. I'm sure we could all benefit from a little extra "bright energy" right now. I know I could. Good vibes only, right?

large rough citrine crystal pendant set in sterling silver by Sayo Granich-Lee for SARUSTAR jewelry  small rough citrine pendant bezel set in sterling silver by Sayo Granich-Lee for SARUSTAR jewelry

So I made a pendant out of this big hunk of citrine. And made a little pendant out of the piece I accidentally broke off while setting the first one. Weird scrap piece will probably be pendant #43, and I'm so very happy to be making things again!


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