44- Into the void, Part 2

celestial moonstone, copper, sterling silver pendant
Here's the copper etched scrap piece turned into a pendant with moonstone and sterling silver. I sawed out a crescent moon shape and added some extra moon like texture. I think it looks a little alien space age-y which is fitting given that Luca's preschool class has been learning about space for the last two weeks.
Fun fact- did you know that lightning is hotter than the sun? Really! Lightning can reach 30,000 kelvins while the sun is only 6,000 kelvins. AND the Earth's core is just about as hot as the sun. 
Honestly, I think I'm pretty lucky to have a preschooler during this distance learning thing. He's pretty cool with me not knowing all the answers to his endless questions and makes me feel like the ultimate hero when we learn new things together. My hat is off to those with older kids! 

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