45- Miss Katie Lynne with an "e"


What can I say about Katie? Katie was one of my best friends in high school. She was the friend who knew where the best campgrounds were, convinced me to slide down muddy hills in the middle of the night, take trips to hot springs on Mt. Hood, and fly off rope swings into the Columbia River. We spent countless hours "getting coffee" at Elmer's or Shari's. I can only imagine the "joy" the waitstaff must have felt seeing our high school troupe waltz in night after night just to order coffee and maybe a side of hashbrowns. 

We gradually lost touch in the years to follow. I moved away. She moved away. It was pre-social media, and not surprisingly, Katie was decidedly anti-social media, regardless. She had a very brief appearance on Facebook years ago, where we exchanged a few messages, and she sent me this tooth she found on a hike. It came with vague instructions to "manifest magic". Then she effectively went off-grid again and I held onto the tooth, not sure I could do it justice.

found animal tooth, aventurine, sterling silver pendant

So, now, in this strange time, I've finally done something with it. It only took about 6 years and an afternoon of actually working on it to complete. It's set in sterling silver with a small aventurine- which makes me think of adventure which makes me think of Katie. I've learned that aventurine is "the stone of opportunity" and hopefully Katie thinks it's kinda cool. 

back of animal tooth pendant

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