46- Ode to Kalihi Valley


I used to live at the end of the rainbow. Really. It would rain everyday and the sun would be always shining and there were so many cats and centipedes and the sweetest dog, Violet. There were fearless flying cockroaches and once a rat came out of the shower to steal ramen from our abundant Costco stash. I painted the walls to look like the ocean. We rescued a big wooden table from the side of the road and bought a box of plain white tiles at Home Depot to make a kitchen counter where we would set out plates of turkey bacon and guacamole and whatever other food we offered our friends to eat. Chips? Maybe chips. And probably lots of beer. Definitely something grilled, but I don't remember a grill. I never did the grilling. There was a breadfruit tree, too.

I figured our apartment was maybe the "maid's quarters" of a once glorious mansion on the top of the hill, but I never could find photos of what it might have been. The driveway had crumbled and new houses were built in its place. By the time we lived there it should have been condemned, but there really was so much love. It was bursting with love. And so were we. There was plenty of parking and a washing machine. And a clothesline to dry our clothes in the rain that came down every day with the sunshine. And the sweetest dog, Violet. We lived above a flower shop before moving to Kalihi. And after, we moved to a nice, secure, gated community with new walls and more than one swimming pool. I baked cookies, and our upstairs neighbor stole our cat. 

brick, sterling silver pendant

 In Kalihi, I had a soldering station set up outside near where our washing machine was. I had a crock pot for my pickle labeled "DO NOT EAT" and the property manager thought it was hilarious. It still makes me laugh that he laughed so much at that. I was still in school at the time. University of Hawaii. At Manoa. I made some weird jewelry. I put a bezel around a piece of brick that had probably fallen off the house, and tried to make a ring or something, but it ended up in my scrap bin. Now it's pendant number 46.

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