51- Truly One of a Kind


melted silver, concrete, and pyrite pendant

I really loved this piece when I started making it! I went through a "melting" phase some years ago, where I was having a lot of fun melting silver. I made plenty of little balled silver studs and cute little stacking rings with melted silver dots on top. I experimented a little with melting chain. It was fun. 

I had this ring in my scraps-- basically a big melted blob in a vague ring shape. I scraped it for good reason, but for pendant #51, I thought if I melted a backing onto it, it might turn out cool. Success! I fused a backing onto it. Then I filled it with concrete embedded with pyrite. While the concrete was setting up, I was so excited! It was gonna be perfect! Then it was set, and... eh. I dunked it in silver blackener and the concrete started to sizzle. I guess that wasn't a good idea. I took it out and neutralized it. The sizzling concrete had cracked a little. Alright. I threw the thing in the tumbler for a while, but still.... eh. So I colored the concrete blue and green with permanent marker because, why not? Now I liked it even less. I put the torch to it thinking it would burn some of the color off. It smelled pretty toxic. It went back in the tumbler for a while, and now I can't think of anything else this piece "needs" so I guess it's done. What do you think? Perfect? 

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