53- I don't know what I'm doing

pyrite cube and sterling silver pendant
When I write these posts, half the time I have those memes (is what they are?) in my head about those recipe blogs that ramble on about nonsense with an eternal scroll of story before you get to the actual recipe. Ha! Don't worry, I don't have a story relating my summer in Tuscany to the faces on this cube of pyrite. I've never even been to Tuscany.
The only story I have today is that I went to CityMD to get an antibody test. Shannon Palus from Slate sums up my feelings about it pretty well. (Except that I don't regret getting tested. My curiosity got the best of me, and I'll get my results 3-5 days from now.)
Pyrite is said to be a protective stone, promoting good health and emotional well being. It is also said to be lucky and attract good fortune. All good things. 

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