55- Moss Agate and Our World in Crisis

Moss agate and sterling silver pendant
Pendant number 55. Moss agate. I think it's from Oregon. I'm contemplating a big move and haven't been sleeping well. We're still in quarantine, but phase 1 of opening the city back up starts tomorrow. I guess curbside pick up will soon be available. Something like that. Protests are happening every day. Black lives matter. I've been trying to do what I can to educate myself and deliberately raise an anti-racist child. I hope I'm doing it right. He doesn't have any questions, and he always has questions. I'm not sure what to make of that.
Growing up in an overwhelmingly white community, I always felt "other". I moved to Hawaii and finally felt "normal". Strange that since moving to New York,  I have never felt more "white" but also decidedly "not white" at the same time. 
The weather is getting warmer. 
A big change is imminent. I hope sleep will follow.

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