61- "Diamonds" from Herkimer, NY

handful of herkimer diamonds
Being more active (and by "active" I really mean just opening the app and looking at my feed more often) on Instagram over the last year or so has left me in awe of all of the lapidary artists out there. I have no desire to learn that craft-- I'd be too scared of cutting off a finger or something, but I think it's amazing that so many people are cutting and shaping stones themselves. And in their home studios, no less! So cool. And cooler still are all the rock hounds out there who are actually going out and finding their own rocks and minerals to turn into beautiful cabochons and the like. Really, next level! 
While I'm not sure that'd be my cup of tea, I have wanted to visit Herkimer, NY for quite a while. I'd absolutely love to search for my own Herkimer diamonds. I picture this sublime wonderland, sparking from top to bottom with beautiful double-terminated quartz crystals everywhere you look. A majestic crystal village, if you will, complete with the greenest grass, double rainbows, and maybe even a unicorn or two. Don't worry, I won't be disappointed if I get there and have to dig in the dirt or chisel away at a mini mountain to find my treasures. I'd just be excited to check that trip off my list.
I ordered this handful of Herkimer diamonds as my sole pandemic splurge. Aren't they lovely?
Herkimer diamond pendant
Pendant number 61 is the largest Herkimer diamond of my lot set in a free-formed sterling silver claw setting. 

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