66- Reticulated Knot with Majestic Moonstone


backyard dirt

I've been digging up my mother's lawn the last few days. It's been the kind of thing where one little project turns into another little project and then suddenly I have a monster project on my hands, and now I'm at the point where I just really want to get it done with it already. (I so many things I should be doing instead, ya know?)

Anyway, staying in the suburbs has been pretty great. A few months ago, a friend of mine said something to the effect of "living in the city is more convenient and exciting during normal life, but during a pandemic/lock-down, the suburbs are so much more comfortable." Yup, exactly. 

moonstone, reticulated silver, knot pendant

So today's pendant is one of those knots I've been playing with, knotted through a reticulated silver disc with faceted moonstone. Moonstone is a calming stone that's said to be good for "new beginnings". Kind of perfect for all the new beginnings that are sure to come out of this tumultuous time, don't you think?

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