65- Googly Eyed Rainbow Love


pendant made from rubber rainbow with googly eyes set in sterling silver

Alright, so this is a weird one. Luca had a rubber rainbow keychain that he got on Halloween. It broke, and he said I could have it for jewelry. (He's been so generous with his discarded toys and things ever since the Squash-a-Tron incident.) I had planned to make this in the same vein, but then realized I had no leftover plexiglass remnants since I cleaned my studio. I felt the squishy rubber needed to be more substantial and since I use resin for my dirt jewelry, I figured it'd work here too. I know hearts and rainbows don't compare. At any rate, I cut the rainbow in half, rejoined them together, filled the bezel cavities with resin, decided it needed eyes and glitter... et voila! I resisted the urge to add more sh*t at the end. I was thinking rhinestones?

back of rainbow pendant

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