62- Turbotronic Dandelion Holder 2000


Luca and a daisy

Once upon a time, I let my sweet boy know how much I love flowers. Now, it's a rare occasion that we go for a walk (or even just step outside, really) when he doesn't pick at least one flower for me. As a result, I can pretty much always find a dried up dandelion or two at the bottom of my bag.  And God forbid I prematurely discard his gift... believe me, there have been tears. 😭 💝 

Aluminum Flower holder pendant

But guess what! I've found a solution! At last! Introducing... the Turbotronic Dandelion Holder 2000! (Pardon the name-- we may or not have been reading a little too much Captain Underpants these days.)

Flowers in flower holder pendant

It can hold these flowers.

clover flowers in flower holder pendant

Or these.

daisies in the flower holder

And even these!

Vancouver, WA flowers

In New York, it was always dandelions. Dandelions are lovely, but check out today's beautiful bounty! (It's really good to be back home, but more on that in another post.) 

Happy Summer!

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