Day 24- Hi, my name is Sayo

I opened up my Etsy shop in 2008 shortly after selling at my very first school craft fair. Soon after that, I joined a local Etsy Street Team called The New New. Before attending the first meeting, we were asked to craft a name tag... but only if we wanted to. I made an elaborate sawed out nameplate necklace that read, "watashi no namae wa Sayo desu" (my name is Sayo) and wore it to the meeting. I can't remember if anyone else made a name tag, and of course, being the shy introvert that I am (yes, I am aware they are not one in the same), I didn't show it off even once. I may have even kept it hidden under my shirt the whole time. 
I remained on the team for years and many iterations, but when Luca was born, I stopped paying dues and by default, quit. 
Fast forward to tonight. After an almost 4 year hiatus, I'm selling at markets again, revamping my online presence, and am rejoining the NY Handmade Collective! In honor of tonight's new member orientation, I made a new name tag. 
**UPDATE** I wasn't expecting such a crowd! There were probably around 50 new members. We went around the room introducing ourselves, and while it was interesting to hear about everyone's creative pursuits, I totally wasn't prepared to speak in front of everyone. Eek! I was so awkward! 

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