Day 27- MOMMY + LUCA

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copper, brass, and sterling silver pendant with blue paint and large crystal

Another collaboration with my kid! There was no Pre-K today.

To my surprise, upon waking, our morning went something like this:

Luca, "Mommy!!!!! Mommy!!!! I neeeeed you!!!! Mommmmmmyyyyy!!!"

Me, "Good morning, Luca. How'd you sleep?"

Luca, "What kind of pendant are we going to make?" 

Me, "Do you really want to make jewelry today? We could go to the park..."

Luca, "Today's a home day. I want to help you with your work. What do you have to do?"

Me, "Well... I need to work on my website."

Luca, "I can help you do that! What do you need to do?"

Me, "I need pictures of my jewelry and of myself."

Luca, "I can draw pictures of your jewelry and yourself! For your website!"

And he did! Luca drew a very detailed picture of me working in my studio. He made it very clear it was meant for my website, not for me to just have. He then drew today's pendant and hung out with me while I sawed it out of copper. I let him stamp some designs on it, and we decided to add a crystal in the middle. I realized at the end that I soldered it together backwards, but he said it was alright. Thanks, Love! 

drawing of "Mommy working on Jewelry" by Luca, age 4

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  • Posted on by Sand
    Pretty pendant! Beautiful drawing — love the colors, too.

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