Day 3- Mizuhiki


We received a very cute package of mochi for Christmas that was topped with a daruma and tied with this decorative knot. On my way down to the studio this morning, I grabbed the knot, and thought, "Hey, that's pretty, I'll make something like that today. Easy!"

 All podcasted out, I turned on some mindless tv show, cut three lengths of wire, and COULD NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO TIE THAT KNOT! I had to turn off Hulu and start googling. I read about the meaning and history of mizuhiki. I watched YouTube videos of people making it look super easy and tying knots so quickly that I was beginning to lose my mind-- I mean, this particular knot wasn't a crazy intricate one, and I am capable of doing hard things! 

<Sigh> Eventually, I figured it out.  It's not the neatest, I know, and it took MUCH longer than I had anticipated (I'm sure there's a metaphor in there somewhere), but I did it!!


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