Day 7- Romeo's Squash-a-Tron


To put it mildly, today's pendant did not go over well with my son. It's made from a stray PJ Masks magnet from Luca's magnetic play set. Romeo's Squash-a-Tron, to be specific. It was one of those little things that kept getting swept up from the table to counter to floor, and never seemed to make it back to its proper place. If it had wound up in the garbage, I'm certain it would not have been missed one bit, but OH MY GOODNESS! 

The look of shock and horror on my son's face when I told him what I had done was as if I had truly done something shockingly horrific. Instant tears. Instant screaming. Sheer and utter despair. Sure, it crossed my mind that I probably should have given him a heads up before transforming his toy. Granted, I only thought of asking him after I was already done.

He was upset, then I got upset. Not one of my proudest moments. And I know springing it on him when he was getting ready for bed didn't help. I mean, I can't handle devastating news very well when I'm exhausted, why would it be any easier for him?

Oh, and to add fuel to the fire, I made the mistake of telling him about a birthday party he was invited to and then realized an hour later that we have plans that day and can't go. Poor kid. Definitely didn't win a mom of the day award today. 


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