Day 9- Love


Sunday. Again, it's the weekend, so no school. I don't know how other jewelers manage studio time while watching kids. I know it can be done... what's the secret?? It seems that whatever "other" activities I come up with to occupy his time last maybe 10 minutes before he notices the fire and is attracted like a moth. Then I get nervous having a little person dancing all around me while I'm trying to solder and end up packing up early. Maybe the trick is to have him in there with me so often that it becomes uninteresting?

This morning, Luca and I made 3 Shrinky Dinks hearts. We drew them together with Luca taking the lead. The first was a drawing of "Luca and Mommy", the second was "A Machine", and the third was "A Happy and Sad Face with Hearts and Eyeballs" for my mother. We decided to make that one into a pendant to give to my mom for Valentines Day. The other two are now magnets on the fridge. 

Tomorrow, I have some orders to get out, but then I need to seriously get to work on getting this website up. Awful photos, be damned. (They can always be replaced, right?) 

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