39- Easter Eggs!

My son, Luca is officially on spring break today! Which really only means he won't have his half hour zoom meeting with his preschool class in the mornings. Otherwise, business as quarantine usual. We made a schedule when this all started, and so far we've been pretty consistently sticking to it for the first 2 hours of the day. Not bad.
Easter is this Sunday. Since we've always spent it with grandparents, I've never had any reason to buy our own plastic eggs for an egg hunt. Last year, Luca and I went to my mom's for spring break. We took him to a big Easter egg hunt in Esther Short Park where he found plenty of eggs and even met the Easter bunny! Or, a person dressed up like a big bunny that he was understandably a little hesitant of. Then later, my friend, Heather, who had been cleaning out her parent's house, brought over a collection of eggs filled with toys and stickers that once belonged to her (now grown-up) daughter to hide in my mom's back yard. I just asked him, and apparently he has no memory of this whatsoever. It was great.
   Luca with Easter bunny, Esther Short Park, Vancouver, WA
This year, I really wanted to be able to hide eggs, but have been a little torn. If I order eggs online, they'd be considerably marked up and aren't guaranteed to get here before Easter... and we'd end up with a bunch of plastic eggs that we don't necessarily want to keep. If I go to Target to buy plastic eggs, I'd be going to Target just to buy plastic eggs. And, again, we'd end up with plastic eggs. I can't justify that. I was seriously stressing out about this for the last couple days, but then yesterday, I woke up and thought, "Hey, why don't I look up some ideas!" Ha. Google to the rescue. I found this Eco Friendly Easter Eggs post with some really great ideas, and I chose to make some felt Easter eggs because 1-I had felt and 2- it seemed like the easiest option that Luca could help me with.
Decorated Felt Easter Eggs
Now I just have to figure out what to fill them with, and we're all set! In the afternoon, I made an egg inspired pendant with felt scraps, aluminum, and little pearls:
Easter egg inspired pendant made with felt scraps, pearls, and aluminum

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