100 days of Pendants

   round pyrite and sterling silver pendant   mizuhiki knot pendant in brass   pendant made from yellow painted found object, sterling silver, green beach glass, freshwater pearls   
   childhood treasures pt 2 pendant   necklace made of five endless silver hoops with green crystals       emerald and copper pendant
pyrite and sterling silver pendant    copper, brass, silver, and crystal pendant with blue paint   crushed pyrite and copper pendant   pyrite and sterling silver pendant
My February challenge is complete! Some days were certainly tougher than others- time being the most challenging obstacle. It was sort of like forced playtime. Or meditation. Or at the very least, something like a vague form of self-care. Overall, I feel like this was an overwhelmingly positive experience and one that I definitely want to continue. That being said, I'm not sure how sustainable making a new finished piece of jewelry every day will be. So.... NEW PLAN! I'm going to make 100 pendants, but not in 100 days. Probably more like 3-5 a week going forward.
The same "rules" will apply:
  • use only materials on hand -no buying things
  • no excess planing
  • (very) roughly 1.5" in size
So that's it! Eventually, I'll have 100 pendants in 100 (non-consecutive) days! Let's go!

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